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IR Apparel – The Most Stylist Lab Coats For Men And Women In Malaysia

Having a professional job is not an easy task especially if you are dealing and working in the science industry. You need to look sharp and in the same time you need to execute your job perfectly. No one says that it will be easy but if you are passionate about it then it won’t be much of a problem. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and the same thing will happen if you choose this path especially in being a doctor. You will be burdened with a lot of workload and the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors makes it one of the toughest jobs.

stylish labcoat design in malaysia

Society wants physicians to be perfect. Society wants us to know all the answers and to never say the wrong thing. And before anything else, we should always be there for patients. Society wants a perfect person during their most imperfect of times.

Do You Have Trouble To Cover Up Your Imperfect Of Times?

Tips to Find the Perfect Lab Coat for Any Sorts of Career

Either you are a doctor, a nurse, a scientist or working in any related fields that require you to wear a lab coat; you have to follow these tips so that you can look the best while working. It is important to find the best lab coat so that you can avoid being uncomfortable. The tips are as follows;

#1 – Find the Best Fit for Your Body Type

choose the right lab coats

Modern lab coats nowadays are more varied and better than the traditional lab coat. They are made to cater to different body sizes and you can find the best lab coat that fit you. Therefore, don’t forget to find any stores that sell lab coats that are made with different sizes so it won’t feel too baggy or too tight. Lab coat that fits ensure the most comfortable day at work.

#2 – Ladies Lab Coat vs. Men Lab Coat

lab coats for men and women

Make sure that you are aware of the differences between ladies lab coats and men lab coats. Men lab coats have straight cutting while the ladies lab coats have ladies cutting which will complement your body shape. Ladies lab coat will tend to have curvy cutting so that it can be differentiated between men and ladies lab coats. You can always choose the best lab coat for you based on your gender.

#3 – Pockets

lab coats equip with pockets

Pockets are so important if you have to carry around a lot of things with you. Being in a medical profession such as a doctor requires you to bring a lot of things and this is where the pockets come in handy. You can put things such as notebooks, pens, personal belongings and carry it everywhere with you. Your hands will thank you for getting a lab coat with multi – pockets.

#4 – Choose a Trusted Supplier

trusted lab coats maker

If you want to find the best lab coat in the market, you would want to search for a trusted supplier that can provide you the most comfortable lab coat in store. You can feel the materials used so that it will fit your needs. Make sure that the materials used are not too thick to prevent you from sweating, especially in our country where it is warm most of the time. Choosing a lab coat from trusted supplier can also ensure the quality and the time – span for the lab coat.

#5 – Choosing Your Lab Coat Style

lab coat style

At On Call Medical Coats, you can also choose from several styles of lab coat fits. For men, you can choose from Standard and Tailored fits and knee-length, 3/4 length, and jacket length fits. For women, you can choose from Classic, Contour, and Chic styles and knee-length, 3/4 length, and jacket length fits. Lab coat style will make you more confident and you can carry out your work while looking sharp.

Welcome to IR Apparel – The Most Stylish Lab Coats in Malaysia

IR Apparel lab coats and scrub suits for doctors and medical professionals represent the highest standard in terms of innovative fabric and a flattering, comfortable fit. Collection of professional white lab coats and numerous choice of color for scrub suits provides a premium option for medical staff in every specialty, in every body type, and gender-specific for a look and feel more like what you’d find in a blazer than in a typical lab coat. The result is a lab coat that keeps you comfortable and stain-free all day while looking and feeling confident and professional in a classic white coat style.

nice labcoats from ir apparel

Key Fantastic Features

1- Front Pockets

The front pockets are made for you to put any important stuff that you might need to carry with you wherever you go. With the front pockets made, you no longer have to hold all the things with your hand. You can put your pens and notebooks in the front pocket.

labcoats with front pockets

2 – Nice Finishing

This lab coat has nice finishing which is perfect for anyone who likes it neat. It can withstand a lot of massive movements and it will still look good on you. You can always look neat and sharp at work with IR Apparel.

nice finishing lab coats for students and medical staffs

3- Hidden Pocket

The best part about this lab coat is they also provide one hidden pocket for you. Therefore, you can keep your important documents and precious belongings in the hidden pocket where only you have the access to it.

lab coats with hidden pockets

4- Tendon Hammer Holder

You can also bring your tendon hammer together with you because this lab coat also provide tendon hammer holder. You don’t need to hassle and hold a lot of stuffs anymore with this lab coat.

5 – Name And Logo Embroidery

IR Apparel’s Lab Coat provides logo and name embroidery service especially to those who care about ownership. You can always wear it with pride while wearing the lab coat in your workplace.

labcoats with custom embroidery

6- Ladies Cutting

IR Apparel’s provides lab coats for women with styles that will complement your body shape.

labcoats with ladies cutting

Other than fantastic lab and white coats, IR Apparel also provides scrub suit for the use of medical personnel and the specification are as follows :

  • High Quality Material (Comb Cotton / viscose )
  • Size from XS – 5XL
  • 3 Front Pockets for shirt
  • Pen pockets on sleeve
  • 2 Pockets for pants
  • Comfortable rubber on waist for pants
  • Sleeve: Long or Short available
  • Nice Cutting and finishing

comfort and stylish labcoatscomfort and stylish labcoats for work

Customer Review On Lab Coats By IR Apparel

ir labcoats customer review ir labcoats customer review ir labcoats customer review

ir labcoats customer review ir labcoats customer review

Get Your Own Lab Coat and Scrub Suit Now!

If you want to own one of these stylish scrub suit and lab coat, make sure that you contact IR Lab Resources based on the details below;

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Want to order Lab Coat for your departments?

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Want to order Lab Coat for your departments?

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