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The Cheapest Car Rentals in Shah Alam from RM84/day


Shah Alam is busy city where people are always moving to get to their destination. It is a town with a lot of buildings and also shop lots for people who want to get their daily needs and foods. However, it also has many tourists’ attractions and attractive restaurants for people who like to eat and explore cities. You are very lucky if you get to be in this city and experience this place like a local. Some attractive places that you can visit include i – City, Shah Alam Botanical Park and also Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque.


i-City located near Bukit Raja, Shah Alam

If you intend to visit Shah Alam with either going on a vacation or you are just some business travellers with the intention of getting your job done, you should already be planning your stay in Shah Alam. This is a city where you need to get your job done so you can have and visit the best places this city has to offer. Do not fret just because you are still unable to plan your stay because I am here to help you. Follow all of the notes below so you are able to get the smoothest journey while you are staying in Shah Alam.


5 Tips to Plan Your Stay in Shah Alam So You Won’t Miss A Thing

If you want everything to be perfect, you need to know how to be a good planner and you will enjoy your vacation or business travels hassle – free. Being in a city known to hustle and bustle will not be easy if you are unprepared, so make sure you get to know a good plan before you start your journey. Getting everything right is the essence of getting the best out of your trip. Jot everything down so you won’t forget a step!


1. Get a Place to Stay

No matter how easy to get a place to stay in this busy city, you always have to be prepared and get a place to stay as soon as possible. What makes it more fun is that your choice is not only limited to hotels, but you can also rent a homestay and a lot more rooms from the best websites. Make sure that you browse a lot of websites and Google so that you are able to grab the lowest and the best price that the place can offer. You can save a lot of money if you book your place earlier and you are also entitled to discounts if you are the early birds.


There are a lot of websites that offer the best price for you with the same homestay, hotels and rooms. All you need to do is click on the websites and browse wisely. Some of the websites include Air BnB, Agoda and also Trivago. You can compare the prices given and you can choose your desired place.

2. Find Attractive Places to Visit

One of the ways to explore Shah Alam is to visit the attractive places in this city. What you can do is type ‘Places to Visit in Shah Alam’ in Google and everything from the parks, the famous i – City and everything in between will appear on your screen. This will help you to get the most out of your journey during your stay in this town. Shah Alam may sound boring to some of the folks, but if you know how to get to the attractive places and living your journey just like a local, you will be more than satisfied with your vacation in Shah Alam.


3. Rent a Car to Ease Your Journey

You will need to get moving from a place to another place if you are in Shah Alam. Being a busy city has its perks if you get yourself a car to bring yourself or your family to hop from a place to place. It will not be easy to use public transport in a busy city, especially if you bring your family with you. You will need a transport even if you are here for business purpose. If you are unable to come with a car to Shah Alam due to various reasons, you can always rent a car in this city.


What you can do is look through the websites that offers car rentals and compare the benefits that they can give if you use their service. The people who provided this service will usually offer a lot of discounts and benefits because they would want the customers to choose their service as there are a lot of competitors around. So, you can always choose wisely and get the best price from them.

4. Plan Your Budget

This is pretty important if you want to go to a vacation with certain budget. Shah Alam, though sounds pretty modern and expensive, is actually a place with the best offers and restaurants and pretty places that you can enter with small fees or no fees given at all. This is a good city to visit as you can bring your whole family together and you are still able to stay under budget. Some good places to visit include Laman Seni Shah Alam, Wet World Water Park, National Botanical Garden and many more.


5. Avoid Peak Season

You will want to follow this last tip as it can save you a lot of time and also energy. Shah Alam is a heavily populated city even in off peak season as a lot of people are working and decided to live here. So, if you are planning to come to Shah Alam, you would want to plan your vacation earlier and choose the time where it is off peak which is January – June, because these months are the time where people would not go for a vacation.


Xvipi Sinergi The Cheapest Car Rentals in Shah Alam

Once you are set to go to Shah Alam, you would want to rent a car so that you can move around easily in this big city. Xvipi Sinergi Sdn. Bhd. is a registered company that has been one of the main companies in providing car rental service in Selangor, Melaka and Johor under the name of KLEZCAR. The area that Klezcar can cover includes Shah Alam, Klang, Melaka, Pasir Gudang and Johor Bahru.


The car rental service that they provide is suitable for every society either you are an employee, working on your own or a student in IPTA/ IPTS. You will be able to choose from the varieties of cars that Klezcar has provided such as compact car, medium – sized or large car and they also provide MPV for you and your family to use.

List of Cars Rentals in Shah Alam

Hyundai Starex Royale

Hyundai Starex Royale

Starex is a luxury MPV car that is able to seat for up to 11 people. It is a very large MPV and you will be able to bring your big family with you. With automatic engine, you will be entitled to smooth journey all day long.

Toyota Vellfire

Rent Toyota Vellfire 2.4

Toyota Vellfire is another luxury MPV car that Klezcar provides if you are in Shah Alam and wanting to drive a car with large interior design for you and your family or friends who tag along in your vacation.

Nissan Almera


This is a very spacious car with elegance exterior design. If you want to use a car with a very large interior and a smooth engine, you may rent Nissan Almera from Klezcar and you will be guaranteed to a journey you won’t forget.

Perodua Alza


A local made MPV car with the best price that you can get, Perodua Alza is a car that will amaze you with a lot of accessories and better driving experience. It can load up to 8 people in the MPV alone with spacious car boot so that you will be able to place you and your family stuffs.

Perodua Axia


Perodua Axia is a compact car made by the Perodua Company. They are the smallest car that Klezcar Company can offer and it is also fuel efficient. If you are travelling alone or bringing less than 5 people with you, then you should rent Perodua Axia to bring you around Shah Alam City.

Perodua Bezza


With the name ‘Bezza’ or ‘Different’ in English, this is the first Sedan car from Perodua and it is compact with a lot of advanced technology that will give you the most comfortable journey. It’s very spacious for a medium – sized car and a lot of legroom.

Perodua Myvi


This is a compact car but with a very sporty interior and exterior design. It has exceptional space even though it is a compact car. It has 8+1 seating configurations to provide more space so that it will be convenient and comfortable for your use.

Perodua Viva


Yet another compact and fuel efficient car, this is a car you should choose if you are one of the people who likes it fast and efficient. A small car that will ease your journey on the road, this is the car that you can drive if you are solo travelling or for any business purpose.

Proton Saga FLX


Proton Saga is a subcompact car with four – doors, 5 – doors hatchback and it is also a fuel efficient car provided by the Klezcar Company. This subcompact car is also spacious and will be able to load up to five people in one car and the one that you need if you like medium – sized car and efficient.

Why Do You Have to Choose Klezcar?

You can take a look at the lists of reasons down below on why do you have to choose Klezcar;

Varieties of Cars To Choose From


If you are uncomfortable of driving with some cars, you do not have to worry at all as Klezcar provides a range of cars for you to choose and drive. From compact cars to MPV, you just have to select the car that you want and you will get it in the best condition. You will be comfortable to drive the cars from Klezcar as they are guaranteed to be in the topmost condition.

The Best Customer Service In Town


You can get the best customer service from Klezcar as they are trained to become friendly to customers and you will be able to converse with them comfortably. They are also able to help you just in case you face any problem with the cars before you rent it from them.

High Quality Cars


You will be given the cars with the topmost quality and you will have the best experience while you are using the cars from Klezcar. They will guarantee the car that you get is clean and fully serviced before they hand the car to you. These cars are the best that you can get from a car rental service and it will assure you a smooth journey to and fro.

Car Rentals in Shah Alam With Affordable Prices


Klezcar also offer the cheapest prices in town. You will be able to rent a car with the price as low as RM 84 / day and you will still be able to get the car in a very good condition. This is a bargain for those who want to rent a car and use it to get anywhere near the area.

Customer’s Review on Klezcar The Cheapest Car Rentals in Shah Alam

The customers have given a lot of positive reviews on Klezcar and you can see some of them below;


The car is clean and very comfortable to be in. The air – conditioner is also working perfectly


Everything is working well with Klezcar


A happy – looking customer that rents with Klezcar

Rent Your Car in Shah Alam With Klezcar Now!

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