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The Best GPS Tracker In Malaysia

GPS trackers are nowadays becoming indispensable for companies that manage a fleet of cars for their services, such as rental car services, healthcare services such as ambulances, public transport services such as taxis and buses, and many more. It allows a person or an organization to track each and every vehicle in the company’s fleet. The same goes in Malaysia where GPS trackers are fast becoming a necessity for various purposes. However, the question one might ask is where to get the best GPS Tracker in Malaysia?



What is a GPS tracking unit? It is a specific device normally mounted on a moving vehicle or carried by a person that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine and track the vehicle or the person’s precise location at predetermined intervals. It usually consists of several main components, which are the GPS unit itself to track one’s current location anywhere on the planet, and a communications system which generally uses cellular connectivity such as GSM, GPRS or SMS, although other connectivity options exist such as radio or satellite modem. This allows the tracked object (vehicle or person) to be displayed against a map either on real time or via analysing the tracking data via GPS tracking software.


In this article we will introduce the reader to a company which has been prominent in providing the best GPS Tracker in Malaysia and has been in business to provide services pertaining to the installation, configuration and service of these GPS trackers. Let’s find out in more detail.

Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd Providing You With The Best GPS Tracker In Malaysia


Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd (company registration no: 1204369-M, established on the 7th of October 2016), formerly known as Anggun GPS Tracker, is one of the registered companies in Malaysia with its primary business in providing GPS tracker supply and installation services, with competitive prices compared to their competitors. Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd (ALE) takes pride in offering excellent services in supplying and installing GPS tracking devices to customers. This in line with Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd’s vision to create safer roads and save lives through technology, and through its mission to become the de facto solution as well as to become the forefront of connected-cars industry in the automotive industry, as well as to become the largest tracking provider in the local market.

Why Should You Have A GPS Tracker From Anggun Lufya Empire


You may ask yourself this question, what would I benefit from having a GPS tracker? Why should I want to utilize a GPS tracker for managing my fleet of vehicles? There are many benefits in using a GPS tracker than you might know. Having a GPS Tracker to track your assets or vehicles allow you to maximize utilization of your vehicles whereby you are able to track each and every vehicle in your fleet whereby you can manage them more effectively and efficiently if a GPS tracking system is in place. In addition, using GPS trackers can and may improve safety in many forms, in particular the safety of your field personnel by monitoring your fleet in real time. Furthermore, having a GPS tracking solutions also saves time, as this is due to the fact that with a proper fleet management system, your fleet managers will be able to guide the drivers to avoid busy streets in real-time basis.

GPS Tracking Models And Features Supplied By Anggun Lufya Empire

The basis of GPS tracking is the surveillance in the location of your assets which include vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices in order for you or your organization to track yhe location of your assets in real-time. This includes GPS relevant data such as longitude, latitude, altitude, ground speed, course direction, last visited locations and many others. Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd strives to provide the best models of GPS tracking devices available in the market today. We will look at the models and features of the selected models supplied by Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd who provides the best GPS tracker in Malaysia.


Model No: TK103 (SMS)
Price: RM450 (GPS and installation Services)
*Inclusive of SIM with 2 years expiry date
Warranty 6 months


  • Movement and over speed
  • Low battery, power off
  • Door open/ACC/shock
  • Remote shut down of engine by SMS
  • Show current location with Google map link on mobile phone
  • Get absolute location with street name
  • Supports 2GB TF card to store/upload data
  • Supports fuel sensor
  • Track by mobile phone/computer/website platform
  • 4-tracking solutions:
    • SMS tracking by calling, return Google map link
    • Absolute street address by SMS
    • Free PC based tracking application
    • Optional web server
  • Technology parameter:
    • Dimension: 83 x 54 x 26mm, 120g in weight
    • Networks: GSM/GPRS
    • GSM network frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    • Channel: Parallel 20 channels
    • Sensitive: -159dBm
    • Accuracy: 5m
    • Time to first fix: cold status 45s, hot status 1s


Model No: 303F (Live tracker)
Price: RM600
*SIM card and server 1 year free (live tracker), renewal RM150 per year
Warranty 6 months


  • 4 tracking solutions: SMS tracking by calling / return google map link, absolute street address by SMS, online website, free App for IOS and Android phone 

Main functions:

  1. For all 12-24V vehicles 
  2. Location based service(LBS) + GPS double tracking solution 
  3. GPS blind spot alert
  4. Multi power-saving mode: Sleep by time / shock sensor, deep sleep awake at specific time
  5. Save GPRS traffic mode(Money save mode) 
  6. Anti-theft GSM alarms: Movement alarm, Geo-fence alarm, Over speed alarm, Ext. power off alarm, low battery alarm
  7. Alarms : ACC/shock/door open alarms
  8. Shutdown engine by SMS.
  9. Support 2GB MicroSD card
  10. Built-in memory for 16,000 positions
  11. Built-in 500 mA polymer battery 
  12. SMS tracking on cell phone with google map link


Model No: GT06N (Live tracker)
Price: RM750
*SIM & server 1 year free (live tracker), renewal after 1 year RM150
Warranty 6 months


  • Remote cut-off (petrol/power) – Compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel connection
  • Bullt-in 450mAh battery – High capacity Li-ion battery ensuring sufficlent power supply
  • ACC detection for ignition status – Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need
  • SOS emergency call – Thumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case
  • Configurable tracking modes – Location uploaded following fixed distance,time interval, preset cornering
  • Multiple alarms – Instant alert for vibration, overspeed. power off, geo-fence
  • Voice monitor – Activate listen-in mode via text
  • Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web – Reports location in real time through different interfaces

Get The Best GPS Tracker In Malaysia NOW !

Come over to Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd for their selection of the best GPS Trackers available in Malaysia. Different models exist to suit your needs and your budget. Whether it is for personal use or if you want to manage a whole fleet of vehicles, rest assured that Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd is your one-stop solution for the best GPS Trackers in Malaysia.


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