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Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 – We’ll Pick You Up


Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2? Good day to all you sir and madam. Do you ever travel outside our country and have a look around there? Sure it is an amazing experience for all of us if we can do that. Let’s take the most frequent place that our Malaysian love to visit such as China, Thailand or Brunei an example. I must say that those place truly have many interesting places to visit that you won’t have enough time to visit them all even if you go there for a month.

Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2

All of the places that we visit in our travel sure have amazing scenery and staggering historical value that we can fill our tired heart and mind with sweet experience and memories. Amazing right? But, do you ever consider the worst problem for every tourist inside or outside those amazing countries to visit which is transportation. Especially for those that choose to travel on their own without help from any of those travelling agencies that already prepare everything for their customers.

Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 transportation

It sure is an annoying problem to tackle before we can travel in a peace of mind. For all the tourists or anyone that board the plane and land at KLIA2 ( Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 ), there is a piece of good news to relieve your worries. Anggun Car Rental have set their eyes to help us in our problem in transportation. With them,  no more transportation problem in our travelling. Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2klia2-anggun-car-rental-pickup

Anggun Car Rental Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 pride themselves for being the largest privately owned car rental company in Malaysia that offers fleet of high-quality vehicles and top services for their customer since 2013. No car rental company can earn a reputation as high as Anggun Car Rental company if they don’t have high quality and satisfactory services.


Many of their customers express their own satisfaction and efficiency of Anggun Car Rental in servicing their customers. Sometimes, Anggun Car Rental almost unable to keep up with the request of their customers for their services either local or foreign customers. It truly unknown how much of their fame had been spread in locally or internationally.


So, allow me to tell you about what is so special about Anggun Rental Car company that it has all those frames and reputations. First of all is its diversities of cars to rent. All the car that prepared for the customer is an amazing quality and finest performance. All type of brand and type of car is available for a customer to choose either local or foreign car.


Price Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 From Day to Months

The price also in reasonable range based on the brand of the car and how long the car is rented.  I have to say , I am quite impressed by the price offered by Anggun Car Rental company for their customers. It can be count as a very reasonable rate if we compare it with other car rental company. Here is a list of available car and its price rates from 1 day to 1 month for your reference to Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2

    1 WEEK ( RM ) 1 MONTH
MADE MODEL 1days 2days 3days 7days 30days
PROTON SAGA FLX 150 300 420 700 1800
IRIZ 1.6 170 340 450 900 2100
PERSONA 1.6 180 360 480 1050 2200
PREVE 1.6 250 500 700 1200 2500
EXORA BOLD 1.6 300 600 800 1750 3500
PERODUA VIVA 1.0 120 240 330 560 1500
AXIA 1.0 140 280 400 700 1700
MYVI 1.3 150 300 420 800 1800
MYVI 1.5 SE 180 360 450 1050 2100
BEZZA 1.3 180 360 450 1050 2100
ALZA 1.5 250 500 700 1200 2500
TOYOTA VIOS 1.5 300 600 800 1750 3500
CAMRY 2.0 550 1100 1500 2800 6000
CAMRY HYBRID 700 1400 1800 5000 8000
FORTUNER 2.7 700 1400 1800 5000 8000
AVANZA 1.5 300 600 800 1750 3500
INNOVA 2.0 400 800 1050 2500 4500
WISH 2.0 450 900 1200 2600 5000
ESTIMA 2.4 600 1200 1500 3500 6000
ALPHARD 2.4 700 1400 1800 4000 7000
VELLFIRE 2.4 800 1600 2100 4200 8000
VELLFIRE (NEW) 1600 3200 4500 9000 22000
HIACE 2.5 – 11 450 900 1200 2600 5000
HIASE JOY 2.5 – 14 550 1100 1500 2800 6000
HILUX 2.4 500 1000 1400 2800 5500
FORD FIESTA 1.4 250 500 700 1200 2500
FOCUS 2.0 300 600 800 1750 3500
KIA RIO K2 1.4 250 500 700 1200 2500
RIO K2 1.4 SEDAN 300 600 800 1750 3500
VOLKSWAGEN POLO SEDAN 1.6 300 600 800 1750 3500
JETTA 1.6 400 800 1050 2500 4500
MAZDA CX 5 2.0 500 1000 1400 2800 5500
MITSUBISHI TRITON VGT 2.5 500 1000 1400 2800 5500
BMW 520i F10 1300 2600 3600 7700 17000
328i F30 1200 2400 3300 7000 15000
318i E30 1100 2200 3000 6000 13000
MERCEDES – BENZ C200 900 1800 2400 6500 10000
E250 1100 2200 3000 7500 12000
HONDA JAZZ 1.4 300 600 800 1750 3500
CITY 1.5 300 600 800 1750 3500
CIVIC 1.8 450 900 1200 3300 6500
ACCORD 2.0 550 1100 1500 2800 6000
HRV 2.0 500 1000 1400 2800 5500
CRV 2.0 550 1100 1500 2800 6000
NISSAN SKYLINE 3.5 (B) 5000 10K 14K 23K 35K
ALMERA 1.6 300 600 800 1750 3500
NAVARA 2.5 (A) 500 1000 1400 2800 5500
SERENA HYBRID 2.0 400 800 1050 2500 4500
HYUNDAI i10 1.0 130 260 360 600 1600
STAREX ROYALE 600 1200 1500 3800 6500

This sure is exciting right? To see so many kinds of cars that readily available for us anytime right? Now to make it to the point of this article, Anggun Car Rental had prepared to pick up a customer that demand their services online before or after boarding the plane and land at KLIA2. Although there are many taxis at KLIA2, those taxis cannot be placed on par with Anggun Car Rental that customers can choose from many available cars and the services always up to customer’s satisfactory.


Besides, customer can always choose to drive on their own or accept chauffeur service that is prepared for their customer that cannot drive or don’t know their way around the road. It sure is convenient for a customer since the chauffeur knows their way around and interesting place around. If the customer is lucky, the chauffeur also can inform customer tips about cheap but comfortable residing and affordable and good place to visit and eat. So much benefit without harm for the customer that choose Anggun Car Rental services. This cannot be compared with taxis that will only take you to a certain place and be done with it after.


There are other extra services that are available for a customer such as:

  • Strategic pick-up and drop-off locations for your convenience.
  • 24-hour airport service
  • limousine services
  • New MPV and Car Leasing (Short or Long Term)
  • Navigation GPS system and Child Safety Seats
  • Imported GPS Tracking System
  • Cool Gel Seat Cushion
  • Door to Door services

Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 Have Own Fully Equipped In House Workshop

Anggun Car Rental Services also have they’re own fully equipped in-house workshop that is managed by experienced and well-trained mechanics so that you don’t need to worried that your car will break down in the middle of the road. Their car always being serviced and maintenance is being done periodically and properly.  What more you could ask from a top rated rental car company right?


In addition to those, they also have a team of dynamic and well-trained sales personal to provide personalised service to their customers, particularly the corporate. With their experience of servicing variety type of people from regular people to corporate, what more you need to worry about the level of their services.


There are certain things you need to know about Anggun Car Rental rates which are there what is include in their rate and what is not.

Rate inclusive of:

  • Unlimited Mileage KM (unless otherwise specify)
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Road tax & Insurance

Rates Exclude Of:

  • Fuel
  • Delivery, Collection and Re-Positioning charges
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Tolls, Parking and summons
  • Non Waivable Excess
  • Waiting Fee
  • Other Miscellaneous charges ie.
  • Baby seat, additional driver, GPS
  • excess hours.

Rules Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 With Anggun Car Rental

There are also certain rules that need to be followed before Anggun Car Rental company hand over the car to the customer. The car will not be given or certain extra charges will be and if the customer failed to adhere to the rules stated which are :


Driving License & Utilities Bill

  • The hirer must be at least 21 years old
  • The driver’s license must be valid and available for our view before the vehicles are rented.

Rental Duration

  • Any charges to the above will invalidate the rate. Rates may vary due to a public and school Holidays & subject to availability.


  • Vehicle must be returned to the same pickup location or as agreed.


  • Cash, Online, CDM, Cheque, Credit Card are accepted. Whatever the payment method, funds must be cleared in our account before the commencement of rental.
  • Anggun Car Rental are strictly prohibited from being driven into Singapore or Thailand
  • Collision Damage Reduction on Anggun Car Rental vehicles only applies within Peninsular Malaysia.

5 Things Can Make Your Mind Firm When Rental a Car in Airport KLIA2

Does it look troublesome right? But we need to understand that all those rules is being made so that all transactions and deal between Anggun Car Rental and its customer smooth without hindrance and to guarantee the benefits of both parties. Now to make you hear good news, let me tell you about really important things that should make up your mind about deciding whether to use Anggun Car Rental services or not. There are at least five of things that can make your mind firm on Anggun Car Rental in my knowledge.


well-maintance-car-rental-service-klia2-pickup Before they deliver their car to renters, they have a thorough check on exterior and interior by their foreman assistance. They also sent their car for wash cleaning as well. You can say that the car that is being delivered is in topmost condition, internally or externally/


always-deliver-on-time They always deliver their services and transport on time, hassle free.


good-staff-car-rental-klia2 Their vehicle dispatch and driver are educated and their driving experience is more than 15- 20 years. In addition, they are able to communicate in English, Malay or Chinese to cater accordingly to your needs. Their dispatch and driver are being trained to be polite, friendly and helpful. For your information, they have replacement driver too. Do assure that our drivers driving skill are professional and testify by our company.


genuine-service-car-rental-klia2 For your information, all their cars are legally licensed by JPJ with comprehensive insurance coverage from legalising insurance company. Besides that,  they also received permission from SME Corp Malaysia to run this business. You can see the contract below as proof of the deal.


All their renters are being scanned and filtered for clean record on the road before they are able to rent from Anggun Car Rental company. This will make their renters feel comfortable and safe during their renter’s journey.

Get Rent a Car in Airport KLIA2 Now!


With so many amazing benefit and guarantee, what more do you need to think about? Just use Anggun Car Rental services for your method of transportation when you land at KLIA2 and let them pick you up from there and offer you genuine world level services and treatment. Order now and experience it yourself about the greatness of Anggun Car Rental. Don’t miss this chance or you will regret it. Few can compete with Anggun Car Rental company in Malaysia in case you try to find another car rental on par with them.  Miss it, Regret it.

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