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Langkawi Airport Car Rental

Good day to all you sir and madam. Do you ever travel outside or inside our country and have a look around ? Sure it is an amazing experiences for all of us if we do that. Let’s take the most frequent place inside the country that people love to visit such as Melaka , Padang Besar or Langkawi Island .


I must say that those place truly have many interesting place to visit that you won’t have enough time to visit them all even if you go there for a full day. All of the place that we visit in our travel sure have amazing scenery and staggering historical value that we can fill our tired heart and mind with sweet experience and memories. Amazing right?

But, do you ever consider the worst problem for everyone that want their dream vacation is transportation. Especially for those that choose to travel on their own without help from any of those travelling agencies that will prepare everything for their customers. It sure is an annoying problem to tackle before we can travel in a peace of mind. For all the tourists that decided to visit Langkawi by plane though , I have extremely good news for all of you. There is car rental company that is ready to be at your service. The company that I want to mention is Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd.


So What is this Langkawi JT Travel & Tours?

Langkawi JT Travel & Tours is a trusted company that had serve any customers that want to rent a car during their visit at Langkawi for almost a decade. No! you don’t hear it wrong. It really had existed for almost a decade. A normal car rental company usually don’t last more than half decade without high quality service and top performance cars that can satisfied all their customer requirements. That can show the credibility of Langkawi JT Travel & Tours in car rental industries.

There weren’t ¬†any complaint being lodged from their customers so far and all their customers usually give positive feedback after being serviced by Langkawi JT Travel & Tours. Without doubt such car rental company have among the highest standard among others car rental company in Langkawi. In fact , Langkawi JT Travel & Tours can be regarded as among car rental company that set the standard bar for other car rental in Langkawi.


Good News For those that come to Langkawi by Plane!

Right ! Back to the topic. If you come to the Langkawi by plane , with such high performance and quality services, Langkawi JT Travel & Tours should be your top choice to rent your car from. If you rent a car from them, they can make the car wait for you at the airport punctually. You can have your car as soon as you exit the airport without troubling yourself to find a car rental company on your own and have limited choices of vehicle since you can only choose from the list of car that is available during that time if you don’t booked the car beforehand.

I’m not trying to scare you but usually not many car available for you to choose or nothing to choose at all depending on the seasons. It might be better during workday but things go differently during holiday. It is a nightmare for anyone that come to the Langkawi during the holiday without booking a vehicle prior to the travel. So Langkawi JT Travel & Tours is your best choice if you want to rent a car at Langkawi.

What Type of Vehicles Available For You?

So Langkawi JT Travel & Tours have several type of vehicles for you to choose from which is scooter, compact car , sedan car , MPV and van . So let me explain it to you guys a little about those vehicles.

1) Scooter in Langkawi

Firstly, allow me to tell you about scooters. If you prefer two-wheel vehicles and enjoy the blow of the wind through your face during your ride, this is most appropriate choice for you. Besides , the scooter have very low cost of fuel, comfortable seat and you don’t have to worry about the traffics. This type of vehicles is highly sought by customers during peak season or when there is a grand event at Langkawi since all the road will have high traffics and crowded with car. If you use scooter , you can bypass all these traffics and go to your destination easily .

But, scooter also have its own downside. Scooter don’t have luggage space, limited passenger seat and most importantly, if it is raining , you cannot go anywhere. Overall , scooter very suitable for bachelor and couple but not the same case for family. The one that choose scooter also must have self control when they go shopping or else they will have trouble to bring back all the items to where they stay. Plus , they must clear with weather condition and not choosing the scooter during rainy season or it might affect their whole trip.

In conclusion , the pro & cons of using scooter are such :


  • very low cost of fuel
  • comfortable seat
  • don’t have to worry about the traffics


  • limited passenger seat
  • dependable on weather
  • low luggage space

2) Compact Car in Langkawi

Secondly , another type of vehicles that is available at Langkawi JT Travel & Tours is compact car. These type of car is among the highly sought car for customer that have low budget and want comfortable ride. A few example of compact car available at Langkawi JT Travel & Tours are :

  • Perodua Myvi
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Perodua Axia.

It can be said that these type of cars is a must have type of car in every car rental company since almost half decade ago. It have low fuel cost , highly efficient on the road , appropriate luggage space and auto transmission. In fact , all cars at Langkawi JT Travel & Tours have an auto transmission. Compact car is suitable if you come in group of less than four. But of course , four is the limit since if you add anymore , it will be too crowded and uncomfortable for the passenger. Even four is pushing it if you want a comfortable ride. The price rate of compact car is as low as RM 70 depending on the season.



3) Sedan Car in Langkawi

Thirdly , Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also have sedan car in their list of vehicles. Compared to the compact car , sedan car might be more expensive in fuel cost and price rate. But let me tell you guys, IT ALL WORTH IT. Just the style of sedan car alone cannot be compared to compact car . Sedan car put more emphasis on comfortability and style which make it look more elegant and luxurious than compact car. Even it is more expansive than compact car , it won’t be much since Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also place customer satisfactory factor into consideration and make the sedan car can be rented by common people. Among the sedan cars available at Langkawi JT Travel & Tours are :

  • Proton Saga FLX
  • Mitsubishi Attrage
  • Nissan Almera
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Toyota Camry.

Amazed aren’t you? Some of the car can’t even be bought by people with normal job out there. So if you have a dream to drive this luxurious car, this is your chance. Just rent it and treat it like your own personal car during your vacation at Langkawi.



4) MPV ( Multi-Purpose Vehicle ) in Langkawi

Fourthly , what if you want to bring more than five people to the trip? The compact car and sedan car wouldn’t be enough for them. No worry guys! Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also have MPV type of car . Usually MPV can fit in around five to eight people easily without affecting passenger comfortability and still won’t be crowded even if the quota is filled to the max. Furthermore , MPV also have large luggage space . You can go shopping without care about if your car have enough space to put the things you buy.

Things can be better if you come with smaller group of people since MPV can modified its back passenger seat to be luggage space. More luggage space means more shopping can be done. Price rate and fuel cost of MPV is not far from sedan . Even if MPV cannot compare to sedan in style , sedan also cannot compare to MPV in functionability . Especially for tourists that come to Langkawi and want to stay for more than few days.

A few type of MPV available are such as :

  • Grand Livina
  • Serena
  • Innova
  • Vellfire


5) Vans in Langkawi

Last but not least , Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also prepare van for its customer that come in large group and don’t want to use multiple vehicles. Van is suitable for tourists group or corporate group that come in group of above 10 since van have maximum capacity of 14 people. Not to mention , the luggage space of can is huge and even unused seat can be used as luggage space if needed. Fuel cost of van is more expensive than other type of car but if you consider everything , the van still cost efficient if you come in large group.


There you have it. Now you understand about all the vehicles that is available for you right? If you choose Langkawi JT Travel & Tours to rent your car from , the car can be ready for your usage as soon as you get out from the airport without a slightest problem. That is the biggest advantage of choosing Langkawi JT Travel & Tours. All the customer that had choose Langkawi JT Travel & Tours never regret their decision and always give positive feedback after they went home.

The Price List is Available Below!

To make it easier for you , I had prepare the price list of all the car available and different price rate based on the season. Read it carefully and make your choice based on your preferences and circumstances.


So , what you need to do to book a car?

First Step :

  1. Choose the car you want.
  2. Choose your travel date.
  3. Confirm the car’s availability on the date that you had choose.
  4. Pay deposit at least RM 100 and show the proof to Langkawi JT Travel & Tours .
  5. DONE ! The car is booked and fully anticipate your arrival.

Second Step :

So , after you had done the booking , you need to sort of fill the form so that the booking can be recorded officially . The thing that you need is :

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your IC or passport number.
  3. Phone number.
  4. Arrival date and time.
  5. Return date and time.
  6. Number of passenger.

That is all I can tell you about Langkawi JT Travel & Tours . For further inquiry and information about how to do the booking , please contact Langkawi JT Travel & Tours. All the contact information is given below. Good day for all of you and happy holiday !

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Jom rent a transport in Pulau Langkawi SEKARANG!

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