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GPS Tracker For Motorbike And Superbike

Motorcycle theft is a grave issue for any bike owner. According to statistics released by the Malaysian Insurance Association, more than 6,000 bikes are stolen in Malaysia every year. Approximately 16 motorcycles a day. The majority of the bikes stolen were unsuccessful in recovering because most of them were sold in the form of spare parts.


If you have a motorcycle, it is essential to keep your investment safe. It is time for you to take anti-stolen precautions if you have not done so already.If so, you may need to re-evaluate and add more precautions such as GPS Tracker For Motorbike And Superbike

6 Anti-theft Motorcycle Safety Measures


There are usually two types of bike thieves.Those who see the opportunity to steal a bike on the spot and those who have planned and designed a strategy by targeting certain motorcycles or owners

Both thieves have different mindset and tactics when they want to do theft. However, there are several ways and means to prevent them from doing so.To prevent theft, you are suggested to use the “layer approach” method. More layers, lower your motorcycle opportunities are stolen. Here are some “layer” means that you can apply to keep your bike safe as best you can.

1. Modify your Motor


Customizing your motorcycle is fun. It gives your bikes a unique look and modifications can also improve performance. Perhaps you will be thinking, modified bikes will have higher value and will attract the thieves. However, fully modified motorcycles will not be taken seriously. It’s because the modified bike is easy to be identified and it is something that the burglar wants to avoid.

Of course, it does not mean that your motor is not on the target. But, if your motor is stolen, then modifications will not be meaningful if you can not describe it while doing a police report. Therefore, make sure you have lots of pictures that highlight every change you make to your motorcycle.

Not only does the picture help the police, but it also helps by making announcements and posting on social sites like facebook or twitter. If you are lucky, you might have a chance to get your motor back.

If your motor is stolen, make sure you can provide valuable information with your pictures, among others,

  • License plate number
  • VIN
  • Make, model and year

2. Think About Parking Visibility


When parking, be sure to take note when choosing a parking location. If you are parking in public, make sure it is visible and in bright areas. If possible, parking in the area where you can see it all the time. Otherwise, the next best place is in the sight of the security camera. As a general rule of thumb, it’s is often enough to deter criminals by keeping your bike in plain view of other people.

On the other hand, if you are home, park your motor completely out of sight. If possible, in a locked garage. At least put the cover on it. By laying the cover, it can hide your motor from relevant information such as engine type, colour and so on.

3. Keep Your Key Away From Your Bike


If you are not on your motorcycle, so do the keys of the bike. That’s logical sense. In that regard, the notion that nothing will happen within 30 seconds if it’s just going down and leaving the motorcycles for a while, and when you come back your motor is stolen. Therefore, if you get off the bike, take your key with you. Do not let the key in the ignition or your engine in general.

Similarly if at home. If it is stored in the garage, make sure the key is brought into the house as well and place it in an unspecified place. Never place it near your motorcycle.

4. Consider Installing Hidden Kill Switches


A kill switch will not turn on your bike even if the thief has a key. It also makes it difficult even if hotwire. However, if the criminals know how to activate the kill switch, then it is useless too. Therefore, make sure to install it in a hidden place as an additional security measure.

5. Use Anti-Theft Lock With Alarm


Motorcycle locks make it difficult for your motor to be stolen. If it is equipped with an alarm, it will scare thieves. To be effective, get a motor lock that is evident. It not only acts as a deterrent but can serve as a barrier. Thieves usually will not steal if it is challenging and risky.

Most motorcycles have steering lock (fork lock). It will lock and make the bike hard to steer away from the bike. However, the steering lock can be broken with correct technique. Therefore, steering lock alone is not enough.

If you’re using a chain or cable, make sure it’s robust enough to make it hard for a thief. Placing the chain through the frame of the bike and anchor it to an object that would be difficult to move like a guardrail.

A disc lock is also one of the best options. It locks the brake rotor and blocks the wheel from turning efficiently. There is also a disc lock equipped with an alarm.

6. Using GPS Tracker For Motorbike And Superbike


GPS Tracker For Motorbike And Superbike will not prevent your motto from being stolen, but, it’s one of the best ways to implement it to recover it if it is stolen.First, you need to install and hide this device on your motor. Make sure it is not easily detected at a glance. The way it works, it will transmit the location to a service which you can track online. If your motor is stolen or lost, you can determine its position quickly and the information obtained is beneficial to the police.

GPS Tracker For Motorbike And Superbike is specially designed to track motorcycles as bikes are stolen. The price of this device depends on the type of model and also the fees for the services provided.


A recommended GPS tracker is from Anggun Lufya, The AK103. It contains various functions to detect your motor. With a smartphone size, this device is waterproof and can be placed anywhere in its docking harness. But before that, docking harness needs screw it in place.

This GPS Tracker For Motorbike And Superbike is connected via a 12-pin connector. It uses standard cellular networks to reach your mobile app to give you all the information you expect from a tracker.

Anggun Lufya AK103 GPS Tracker For Motobike And Superbike Features


Among the best feature about this GPS Tracker For Motobike and Superbike is it can be Track by mobile phone, computer or website platform. It also monitors movement and over speed so you. The most important feature is it can Show current location with Google map link on a mobile phone and at the same time get an absolute location with the street name.

You can remotely shut down your motor engine by SMS so that if your bike has been stolen, a simple SMS will stop the bike from moving. This device Supports fuel sensor monitoring and all the data can be stored locally because it supports 2GB TF card.


This device has a Dimension of  83 x 54 x 26mm, 120g in weight. It uses GSM/GPRS networks with frequencies ranging from 850 Р1900MHz. There are 20 parallel channels with -159dBm sensitivity. It can be pinpointed with an accuracy of 5m

How To Order GPS Tracker For Motobike and Superbike

This GPS tracker will help you locate your bike in the event of theft. With this device, you can locate your motor location quickly anywhere in Malaysia. If the theft has occurred, you can stop your engine remotely using your handphone. Your bike will be immobilize and the thieves will leave your bike.


You will get notified through SMS if your motor has been moved by someone. The device can also detect movements so you know that somebody is trying to steal your bike. Even if somebody just sits on your bike, you will get notified.

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