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Comfortable Budget Homestay in Arau Perlis

Arau is known as  royal city of Perlis and located around 14 KM from capital of Perlis which is Kangar. Arau have its own historical values and among the top city in Perlis. Arau can also be called as ‘city of education’ as many high educational institutes located there such as UiTM Perlis , UniMap , UUM ( Universiti Utara Malaysia ) and KMP ( Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis) which is known as the oldest Matriculation Colleges in Malaysia. So many education institutes in such a small area like Arau. Arau totally deserves the nickname of ‘city of education’ for the number of high education institute in its city.


Besides the educational institute , Arau also its location in Perlis which can reach any tourist attraction around Perlis under one hour. So , many tourist insists on using Arau as a must temporary stopover whenever they want to visit Perlis. Besides that , every train will pass through Arau before reaching their final destination which make it easier for anyone that used train as their transport.  

Where You can Go From Arau?

1) Kangar ( 10 minutes )

The capital of Perlis which is known for its unique diversity of food and culture. You can enjoy any type of foods that are famous in Perlis in this city. Many food in Perlis that is in a must try list are available here. Besides delicious food , you can also visit the famous vineyard , snake and reptile farm and Cenderawasih Hill where you can enjoy the view of Perlis from high ground.

kangar-attractions-1 kangar-attractions-2

2) Kuala Perlis ( 25 minutes )

In Kuala Perlis , you can visit the famous Al Hussain Mosque which also known as Floating Mosque , Kota Kayang Museum to see Perlis historical relics and Nipah Farm where you can taste fresh Nira juices that you cannot taste at other cities. Besides that , Kuala Perlis also famous for its jetty that prepare ferries for anyone that want to go to Langkawi.

kuala-perlis-attractions-1 kuala-perlis-attractions-2 kuala-perlis-attractions-3

3) Foot Hill ( 20 minutes )

The most interesting place here is Kelam Cave. You can camping there and have a cool and relaxing dive  inside the river that flow from inside the cave. If you don’t have spare cloth to use , you can explore the interior of the cave which have the length of 370 meters. You can also visit the garden there to see the unique flora that available at the Foot Hill.

caves-in-malaysia-1 caves-in-malaysia-2 caves-in-malaysia-3

4) Padang Besar ( 20 minutes)

You can said that no one in Malaysia do not know about this place. Even someone that never come to Perlis will know about Padang Besar. A paradise for shopping and to buy souvenirs. You can find any type of souvenirs, textile product and variety of item in Padang Besar. You can spend a whole day just briefing the item that are available there. The item at Padang Besar also very cheap compared to other places and have more varieties since all the item are manufactured in Thailand and sold at Padang Besar. This is one place that you should highlight in your vacation destination in Perlis.

padang-besar-2 padang-besar-3 padang-besar-perlis

Besides Tourism , What I Can Do at Arau?

Besides interesting places to visit, many people also come to Arau due to educational issue such as sending fresh year student of higher educational institute during their first day , participate in event held in the educational institute or surveying the institutes before choosing the best place for them to make further progress in their study. Besides all that , there are also some minority that travel from south of Malaysia every few month to visit their relatives or children that are studying at Arau. It is common occurance these days since they can take advantage of visiting their children while taking vacation as a whole family once in a while.


Where You Should Stay During The Trip?

Now that you know about all the advantages and important things in Arau , it will leave you with only one crucial problem. Where you should stay with your family or friends when you go there? Let me tell you. The perfect answer are the Arau Guesthouse Homestay or Aura Idaman Homestay .

Arau Guesthouse prepare two unit of homestay located near each other and at the centre of Arau. For those that come to Arau in large group or family , they can rented both homestay to make their stay in Arau more comfortable. Guest can also choose between two homestay if they only want one unit of homestay.Both homestay pretty much the same in term of advantages of location since they are near each other. The two homestay are as such :

Arau Guesthouse Homestay

arau guesthouse homestay

Arau Guesthouse have many advantages that can make you decide to choose it immediately. But no hurry! Allow me to tell you a few of the advantages.  Among the multitude of advantages are :

  • Walking distance to nearest LRT Station
  • Near Kolej Matrikulasi , UniMap and UiTM Arau
  • Near variety of shops and restaurants
  • Large and comfortable housing area ( 2 private room and large living room )
  • Fully furnished

 arau-guesthouse-homestay-1 arau-guesthouse-homestay-2

As you can see in map below, Arau Guesthouse very near to ETS station (Rail transport) and suitable for anyone that come to Arau by train. It is undisputable fact that majority people that come to Arau prefer train than any other public transport especially on weekend or public holiday. Besides, it is close to Perlis high educational institute and make it a suitable place for any parent or relatives that want to visit their children that went to study there during weekend or holiday.


Besides all that , the location of Arau Guesthouse which located at the top of the shop lot make it easier for you to buy any necessities or food. It can pretty much be the same as budget hotel but on better condition and comfortable.

Arau Idaman Homestay


Different from Arau Guesthouse , Arau Idaman is a house lot and is a whole new house. Located in a terraces neighbourhood , Arau Idaman finished its construction early of this year. So , the house is very new. It is not even one year old yet. So , let me explain the advantage of Arau Idaman to you guys :

  • Near Kolej Matrikulasi , UniMap and UiTM Arau
  • All equipment and infrastructure are very new.
  • Fully furnished with new equipment and furniture.
  • Having its own parking lot
  • Suitable for anyone that prefer to stay in terrace neighbourhood than comercial neighbourhood
  • All window and door of the house have its own grill so safety of people that stay there are guaranteed.
  • Quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Comfortable and large house ( 3 bedroom , 2 bathroom and 1 living room )

To make it clear for you guys , let me show a few part of the Aura Idaman Homestay:

1. Living room

 living-room-at-arau-idaman-homestay-1  living-room-at-arau-idaman-homestay-2
2. Bedroom


3. Kitchen & Bathroom

kitchen-at-arau-idaman-homestay toilet-room-arau-idaman-homestay

Not much differences can be detected between Arau Guesthouse and Arau Idaman since their location are close to each other . The only obvious difference is the type of homestay and its surrounding advantages. Arau Idaman is more suitable for someone that prefer quiet and peaceful environment. Since Arau Idaman just finish being consructed this year , the surrounding still don’t have many people and it is very quiet around there. On the downside , unlike Arau Guesthouse , for anyone that choose Arau Idaman , they need to travel a bit to go to shop and restaurants. But no worry , those shop not that far anyway.


After you know about both advantage of the homestay , it is time for you to choose the one that you prefer among them. So the thing that you need to consider next is the price. Is the price expensive than other homestay? Do not worry! the price are totally not expensive. In fact , it can be cheaper than other homestay around Malaysia. The price can be said to be reasonable and never go above market price. For further information about the price , you can contact them using information under the article.

Can You Trust This Homestay?

The answer is YES. You can trust them with your heart. Why I can said that? it is because their past customer always give them positive feedback and review after using their homestay. From customer service to the rating of the homestay. All of them in positive range. If their service are bad , no one will give such positive feedback for them right? To make you more confident in choosing this homestay , you can see the testimony of their previous customer below.


That just a few among other review that available. If you want , you can make further research about them online. Just search them online and you will see what I talking about.

No More Worry , Book Now!!

No reason can possibly stop you from choosing these comfortable budget homestay. Even I am tempted to book the homestay now and go for a vacation immediately. I can use some vacation to relax my heart and soul. A comfortable and cheap homestay to live in can only help me to further strengthen my will to take this vacation. Plus , all interesting places in Perlis are only less than an hour of driving distance from the homestay. I can go anywhere I want in Perlis in short time.


Go book the homestay now and get the comfortable and cheap homestay that you deserves now. No more considerations needed here. You can contact them using the information below. Not to forget , if you do not know where to go at Perlis , you can use my suggestions earlier as guide.

Their contact as follow:



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Jom Stay At Arau Guesthouse Homestay / Arau Idaman Homestay SEKARANG!

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Jom Stay At Arau Guesthouse Homestay / Arau Idaman Homestay SEKARANG!

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