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Car Rental Langkawi Cheap and Comfortable

Which location comes to mind when you look at this picture of an eagle above? If you’re a foreigner, you might not have a clue. But for the locals, it’s a place called Dataran Lang in Langkawi. An island situated north of the Peninsular of Malaysia.


It’s very synonymous with Langkawi and if you ever had the chance to visit Langkawi, it won’t be complete without taking a picture beneath this large monument. When you sit beneath it and tilt your head up looking at the eagle, you feel as if the eagle is soaring high above the sky. It’s very surreal.


For those who plan on vacationing to Langkawi, transportation is a must and should be included in your budget list. Rest assured, we got you covered.  There’s a car rental company that offers comfortable and convenient car rental service.

At a price as low as Rm 70 a day, you can rent a comfortable car and enjoy your holiday in Langkawi as if you have your own transport to move about. It really is a bargain.



Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Cheap Car Hire in Langkawi

Langkawi JT Travel & Tours rental car is the rental company you want to rent car with. The provider for affordable car rental services with a wide range of vehicle options. And you can even rent a  scooter which is available on demand. If you want to enjoy the view and soroundings, riding a scooter is the way to go.

So, it’s easy to make a choice that fit your budget and your needs with a wide range of choice.


You probably wondering, “It’s okay to get rent from them?”, “it might be cheap, and might have problems or a broke down car”

Well let see, what will you get.

Perodua Axia and Suzuki Alto Car Rental Langkawi


It looks the same, but it’s not. Perodua Axia and Suzuki Alto, both cars are compact and one of the most preferred car rental options with a rental rate of Rm70 per day. It can fit 4 people, oil-saving and its small size will certainly make it easy to drive. It is perfect for those who come in two and fours.

Perodua Myvi Car Rental Langkawi

Perodua Myvi, a model that does not need to be introduced. Being the best-selling model in the Malaysian market for 9 consecutive years. Is it Impressive right?


The looks might be small but the interior is very large with lots of head space. For those who drive around Langkawi while driving in a Myvi, it’s advised to book early for this model as it’s one of the favourites and also best selling car in Malaysia.

One of the reason is because its oil-saving. Though it might be small, but it can speed up very fast.  But it’s not advisable to drive too fast, as the road in Langkawi is very narrow. Especially in kampung areas.

Proton Saga FLX Car Rental Langkawi


If you preferred a sedan than Proton Saga FLX is one of them offered. This too is a model that is often a the choice of consumer. Just like Myvi, the fuel capacities and savings for this car does not be questioned anymore. A practical sedan car for a group of 4 to 5, depending if you prefer price over space.

Mistubishi Attrage Rental Car at Langkawi Island


The Mitsubishi Attrage, you can rent this car for as low as RM80 per day. It’s a very efficient car and fun ride. Compared to the Proton Saga FLX, this car has a better handling then the latter. And you get better milage on a full tank. This car is recommend if you prefer international cars at a affordable rental rate.

Nissan Almera, Volkswagen Polo Car Rental Langkawi


Have you ever test drive a Volkswagen Polo or a Nissan Sentra? How about Nissan Almera? Well, this is an opportunity to test out. Why not rent either one of them for as low as RM90 up to RM180, and test drive while on holiday. Considering the rate, it’s a bargain.  

People say these cars are expensive, well this your chance to drive them with your friends or families while on holiday. Sometimes you need to show and tell.

Toyota Camry Car Rental Langkawi


Toyota’s Camry, a luxury sedan with an exclusive style. For those who have more budget, and are of the utmost importance to comfort and style then the Toyota Camry is the right choice to have. But for those who want to experience the Camry’s drive and low on budget, why not share the rental rate among friends so you can drive one.

It’s one in a lifetime chance. Better grab it, while it’s hot.

MPV and Van Car Rental Langkawi

Still unsure with which car to choose? Want a bigger car? Better yet, how about an MPV or a van? Don’t worry because Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also have them in their garage.


For those who come to Langkawi in large groups. Nissan Urvan is the perfect vehicle for your needs. With a capacity of 14 people, it easily carry you and your friends around the island of Langkawi or any where you want. The rental rate ranges from as low as RM 180 to RM 350 depending on the season.

Perodua Alza (A) Promosi Kereta Sewa Langkawi

Apart from the van, Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also have offers several MPV options for you. Among them is Perodua Alza, which is a synonymous vehicle for those who are married and have childrens. With its ability to accommodate a capacity of between 5 and 6 persons it’s has a spacious interior. Certainly it will provide comfort for your family members during the holidays.


Apart from Alza, Avanza is also a MPV that is available. Also a suitable vehicle for those who are already married and have children. Overall, Alza and Avanza are not much of a different except for the brand. Petrol is also in the economical category. Driving comfort? Don’t worry about as most vehicle from Toyota never disappoints.


The Toyota Innova is a bit bigger compared to Alza and Avanza with a capacity of up to 8 people. Also suitable for families. It is not wrong to make this MPV vehicle a choice. In fact the term MPV-Multi Purpose Vehicle, is the vehicle of choice to drive around Langkawi for the purpose of buying and carrying goods. It can transport a lot of items, tableware set’s, batik cloth, gamat oil, chocolate. You’ll be shopping a lot in Langkawi and you need a vehicle that can carry all thoese things.

Rental Rates Car Rental Langkawi



Look at the rental price list? It’s inexpensive and worth it. You can even rent Toyota’s Alphard for only RM450 a day. Now that’s a van that you want to ride in style in Langkawi.

Now that you know the rates and the type of car, how to book the car? Keep on reading.

Car Rental Langkawi Testimonials

Still unsure to rent with JT Travel & Tours? Well, look at the satisfied customers in the photos below.

Kereta-Sewa-di-LangkawiKereta-Sewa-di-Langkawi-1langkawi-car-rental-testomonials (1) langkawi-car-rental-testomonials (2) langkawi-car-rental-testomonials (3)

How to Book a Car at JT Tours & Travel, Car Rental Langkawi

How to book a car?

  1. Choose a car
  2. Choose a travel date
  3. Confirm the car’s availability on the travel date
  4. Pay deposit a minimum of RM100
  5. Make a full payment upon arrival
  6. The car is successfully book. Done

After booking:

  1. Full name
  2. I/C or passport number
  3. Phone number
  4. Number of passengers
  5. Arrival date & Time
  6. Return Date & Time
  7. Locations to pickup/ return the car (jetty point/ Airport)


Where To Drive In Car Rental Langkawi

There’s a lot of locations you might want to go and visit that is interesting. Each place has it’s own story to tell and a lot of activities to do. So don’t forget to charge or bring a lot of spare batteries for you camera, because you going to take a lot of pictures. Here is a few to get you started.

1. Kota Mahsuri & Makam Mahsuri

kota-mahsuri makam-mahsuri

According to legend, it is believed that the Mahsuri City was the place where Mahsuri binti Pandak Maya was buried.

Who is Mahsuri?

Mahsuri is a girl born on the island of Langkawi who was slandered and killed for being accused of adultery with Deramang when her husband Wan Derus out of Langkawi Island to fight the Siamese army.

Mahsuri’s blood was said to be white as evidence that she was innocent and maligned. Mahsuri also cursed the island of Langkawi so that it would not be fertile and peaceful until her seven descendants.

2. Dataran Lang


Here you have the chance to see a giant red- eagle statue ready to fly as a symbol of Langkawi Island. Relaxing sea breezes make Lang Square ideal for leisurely walks and pictures.

There are also a few chairs for relaxation available nearby. Your holiday won’t be complete if you don’t take a lot of pictures here for moments that you have already been on this island.

3. Laman Padi


This padi site is an eco-tourism-oriented destination in langkawi. Here you can learn how the Malay culture and civilization in the field of planting rice started.

Operating since 1988, Laman Padi has an area of 14.28 acres and 8.6 acres of agricultural land.


This Malay-themed village has a museum and a small rice field where you can try to cultivate your own rice in a traditional way.

It is located on Pantai Cenang opposite the Meritus Pelangi Hotel. If you are from the airport it takes 10 minutes if you drive.

Get  Car Rental Langkawi Now!




Happy Holidays

Enjoy your stay in Langkawi Island. A calm with sea breeze and relaxing place to visit for the holidays. Take a lot of pictures and enjoy the moments with you friends and families. And don’t forget to book your rental car Langkawi with JT Travel and Tours.  

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