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Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur From RM55/day


Have you ever went to Kuala Lumpur ? It is an amazing city with a lot of interesting place to visit and is the centre of the country. All sorts of activities is being run there whether business , tourism or socialization . It is a perfect of example to show what a hustle and bustle of a large city can be like. It is a very lively city. But , not all things going around perfect in a city like that , it also have its own downside. The cost of living there is so high that with a three thousand malaysian ringgit of income in northern Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur , the difference is quite high.


With three thousand ringgit , someone that live at Kuala Lumpur will just barely able to survive there while someone at less develop city like Kuala Lumpur will have enough to spare. So why this happen? this is what happen when a supply cannot keep up with users demand. When it happen , the supply will have a raise in its price to lower the demand. It is the same case with transportation. It is so high in demand that the price skyrocketing trough the roof that make so many users exclaim in surprise. In view of this problem , Anggun Car Rental company had make a plan of rates on car rental that totally the best in the country. You can rent a car from as low as RM55 per day. Such amazing price totally will be accepted by majority people either from Kuala Lumpur or other areas.

Monthly Anggun Car Rental

Anggun Car Rental is a famous car rental that prepare their service for all customers in Malaysia or foreign country. They take pride in offering personalized service brand new cars and competitive pricing to their customer. They have a fleet of high quality vehicles to choose from and accept no OBLIGATION QUOTE! Where you can find something amazing like this elsewhere. Anggun Car Rental had setup their business from 2013 and had received high trust from local and foreign customers. Their range of customers is from regular people to all sorts of corporate. So you can say that their experience in this industry is very high. No need to worry about getting cheated which is an usual occurrences if you getting car rental services for the first time. Usually the treatment given by illegal car rental is horribly bad and the condition of the car is very bad that you will think twice to accept car rental services ever again. It getting me a cringe just by imagining it. But , worry no more. A high quality and trusted services of car rental is now available for you right now. Anggun Rental Car is exactly the place that you seek.

Rent BMW 520i F10

Judging from the price from as low as RM55 , high quality services and variety of car to choose from , Anggun Car Rental should be your top choice if you want to rent a car. For further information , you can contact them after you finish reading this article. Now for me to tell about some services that Anggun Car Rental prepares for their customer which is :

  • Fleets of well – maintained vehicles ranging from economical to well-maintained luxury cars and MPV, popular top of the range models for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Perodua, Proton etc.
  • Strategic pick-up and drop-off locations for your convenience.
  • 24 hour airport service
  • limousine services
  • New MPV and Car Leasing (Short or Long Term)
  • Navigation GPS system and Child Safety Seats
  • Imported GPS Tracking System
  • Cool Gel Seat Cushion
  • Door to Door services


That is just a small portion of their services. if you want to know more , you have to experience it yourself. Besides all that , Anggun Car Rental also have their own fully equipped in-house workshop which is managed by their own team of experienced and well-trained mechanic . Coupled with their dynamic operation personal , They provide an efficient and realiable back up service for their customer’s needs and comfort. They also have a team of dynamic and well trained sales personal to provide personalized service for their customer, particularly the corporate. They also can take the stress out of driving and parking at the airport for you with a reliable 24 hours Airport Service. It is perfect for business traveller who needs reliable transportation from airport within. All this with just so much. What else could you be asking for?


For any of you that curious about range of operation of Anggun Car Rental , They only deliver their vehicles to various location around Klang Valley-Kuala Lumpur , Petaling Jaya, Kepong , Shah Alam and Klang and need to be mentioned here , All rentals are subject to the terms and condition on the rental agreement while vehicle range and models may vary from time to time due to peak time of rental car demand which is public holiday and such that can make certain models of car out of option for you.

Along with what I had mention, you also need to know that there are certain things that is included in the original price of the rental car and things that aren’t. For example :

Rate Inclusive of :

  • Unlimited Milage KM (unless otherwise specify)
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Roadtax & Insurance



Rates Exclude Of :

  • Fuel
  • Delivery, Collection and Re-Positioning charges
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Tolls, Parking and summons
  • Non Waiveable Excess
  • Waiting Fee
  • Other Miscellaneous charges ie
  • Baby seat, Additional Driver, GPS
  • Excess Hours


These things are the normal thing for all rental car company in Malaysia so nothing to be fret about. But now , I need to mention to you that unlike some car rental company , there are certain rules and conditions that you need to follow before the car can be given to you and the deal can be made. Among those that you need to know is :

Driving License & Utilities Bill

  • The hirer must be at least 21 years old
  • The driver’s license must be valid and available for our view before the vehicles is rented.

 Rental Duration

  • Any charges to the above, will invalidate the rate. Rates may vary due to public and school Holidays & subject to availability.



  • Vehicle must be returned to the same pickup location or as agreed.


  • Cash, Online, CDM, Cheque, Credit Card are accepted. Whatever the payment method, funds must be cleared in our account before commencement of rental.
  • Anggun Car Rental are strictly prohibited from being driven into SIngapore or Thailand
  • Collision Damage Reduction on Anggun Car Rental vehicles only applies within Peninsular Malaysia.


So much to follow right? but all this for the convenient  of both side. Without these things , there will be much trouble can follow both parties of customers and Anggun Car Rental. So certain things need to be clear right? If you feel like those rules and condition are so troublesome , that it is wavering your mind to choose Anggun Car Rental to rent a car from , let me tell you five reasons you should not wavered.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur From RM55/day

1. Good Maintanance And Clean Condition

Before they deliver their car to renters, they have a thorough check on exterior and interior of the car by their foreman assistance. they also sent the car to the car wash centre for cleaning as well. The car that is being delivered is guaranteed to be in its top condition.

2. Car Delivery On Time

They always deliver their service & transport on time.


3. Positive Value Of Staff, Dispatch And Driver

Anggun Car Rental vehicle dispatch and driver are educated and their driving experience are more than 15- 20 years. In addition, they are able to communicate in English, Malay or Chinese to cater accordingly to your needs. Anggun Car Rental dispatch and driver are being train to be polite, friendly and helpful. For your information, they have replacement driver too. Do assured that their drivers driving skill are professional and testify by their company.

4. They Operate Our Business Genuinely Legal

For your information all our cars are legally license by JPJ with comprehensive insurance coverage from legalise insurance company.

5. All Their Renters Are From Various Corporate Organisation

All their renters are being scan and filter for clean record on the road before they are able to rent from us. This will make our renters feel comfortable and safe during their journey.

Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur

Book Your Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur From RM55/day with Anggun Car Rental NOW !


All these things that I had mentioned is just small portion of their advantage. For the rest of them , you need to experience all of that yourselves. It sure is an amazing experience if you are willing to trust and tried to use service of Anggun Car Rental. It is your loss for not choosing Anggun Car Rental and it is absolutely worth every cents if you do.

Click link for detail term &  condition : read our term & condition

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Jom rent a car for my vacation in Kuala Lumpur SEKARANG!

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Jom rent a car for my vacation in Kuala Lumpur SEKARANG!

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