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Book Cheap Car Rental In Alor Setar


Kedah is a place where you can meet both city and rural life in the same place. It offers the best scenic views as well as colourful and busy city life. Whoever gets to visit Kedah, they will leave with a very satisfied heart and pure happiness. Alor Setar, being the state capital of Kedah offers the best places for you to visit as well as the cheapest yet delicious food for you to dig in. If you feel like visiting interesting places, watching the most beautiful views yet still being able to enjoy city life, Alor Setar is the best bet that you can get.

where to rent a car in alor setar

In order to get you from one place to other places, you need to move and at least have one vehicle to keep you moving. So, how do you do this if you are in a new and foreign place that you are yet to explore? The answer is you can always rent a car. You can rent a car if you are travelling using public transport in order to save money to visit Alor Setar and all of its tempting food and shopping places. However, if you are doing this for the first time, this article can help you to find any good car rental service that you would like to use.

cheap car rental in alor setar

How to Rent a Car?

I will give you a step – by – step guide to make sure you are able to rent a car and finding the best car rental service to do so. Make sure that you follow all of these steps to ensure you are able to get your favourite car model to drive around Alor Setar town and have a hassle – free vacation, either you are travelling solo or having a good time with your friends and family.

how to get cheap car rental in alor setar
  • Compare Prices Online

Having modern technology nowadays really helps you to find everything easily. You can just search for any car rental services that are provided online and look for the prices offered by those companies so that you can choose the best price. You just have to make sure that the company that you choose is available to provide car rental service in the location that you want. You can always find the best deal for the location and also the period of time which you will need a rental.

book car rental in alor setar online

The best choice is to find a website that is able to provide you with full quotation based on the location and the period of time for you to rent. It will make it easier for you to choose the best car and also the best price for you so that you are able to save time and energy to pick the right car for you.

  • Be Careful For Additional Fees

Sometimes, there are a few companies who charge you with some hidden and additional fees without your consent or knowledge. What you have to do in order to avoid this is by asking the car rental company about additional fees that they might apply when you are renting their car. Some common fees include;

  1. Underage – driver fees for any driver under the age of 25
  2. Additional charge for picking up a car rental at the airport.
  3. Additional charges for going over a certain miles per day
  4. Additional charges for having more than one person to drive the car.

tips to get cheap car rental in alor setar

  • Consider The Size and The Type of The Car That You Need

You will be able to rent a car from any size if you choose the right car rental service. There are a few types of car that you can choose from; compact (economic), sedan, MPV, to luxury cars. Choose the car based on how many people you are bringing together with you and make sure that you are comfortable and used to drive the car so that you won’t face ay problem during the rental period. Most agency websites will provide you the picture of the car and its types so you can choose the right one for you.

type of car for rental in alor setar
  • Prepare Enough Money For The Deposit

Most agencies will ask you to provide a sum of money for the deposit. Fret not, this is necessary to ensure that the car will return in good condition and you won’t run away should there be any problem with the car. The deposit money will be returned to you after the companies get their car back so make sure that you have enough money to pay for the deposit whenever they ask for one.

prepare enough money for travelling in alor setar
  • Book Your Car Early

You can book your car earlier than the day that you will need to use it. Most companies are glad if you do it because they will be able to sort out the cars for their customers. Usually, this is where they ask for the deposit, the date which you want to use their car and also the car model that you choose. You can also book early to ensure that the car that you want to rent is available.

book car rental early to stay in alor setar
  • Provide Important Documents

The most important part is to provide important documents before you rent a car. This is also necessary for the car company to track you should there be any problem with the car after you left. Make sure that you provide at least one copy of your IC and also one copy of your license and give it to the car rental agency if they ask for one. This will make your vacation hassle –free.

prepare documents required before get a cheap car rental in alor setar

Green Matrix Car Rental Kedah (The Best Car Rental Service in Alor Setar)

If you wish to rent a car while you are in Alor Setar, it is best if you choose Green Matrix as your chosen company to rent because they provide the best car with the cheapest price. Green Matrix® is owned by Green Matrix Enterprise Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (961710-U) (KPK/LN7944). They are an expert in self-drive car rental services, chauffeur and car leasing since 2006. They also provide services to individual (domestic & international tourist), corporate companies and also government agency.

green matrix cheap car rental provider in alor setar

You can choose between economy, compact, sedan, MPV, 4WD, Van and also luxury cars from Green Matrix. They also strive to provide world class rental services to their customers. The types of car provided by Green Matrix are provided below;

Car List Models By Green Matrix Alor Setar

A. Compact Car

Feeling like enjoying your vacation as a solo traveller or bringing your small family along? Why not use compact cars as your choice while getting along from one place to other places? Compact cars are fuel – efficient and yet can hold up to five passengers. Green Matrix Alor Setar provided two types of car models for compact car;

  • Perodua Viva (Manual or Automatic)

cheap compact car rental in alor setar
  • Perodua Myvi (Manual or Automatic)

cheap myvi in alor setar

B. Sedan Car

Sedan cars are for the people who want to be comfortable with their journey even though they are bringing small amount of people for their trip. Sedan cars are famous for their spacious interior and large boot. If you intend to bring a lot of stuffs with you, then sedan cars might be the perfect choice. The cars provided by Green Matrix Alor Setar are;

  • Proton Saga BLM/FLX (Automatic)

cheap sedan car rental in alor setar
  • Proton Persona 1.6 (Manual)

cheap sedan car rental in alor setar

C. Multi – Purpose Vehicle

MPV or multi – purpose vehicle can load up a lot of people at the same time and it is the best choice for those who prefer bringing their big family along during your trip or vacation. You can also put a lot of things in the car as it is designed to be used for big families. The MPV cars provided by Green Matrix Alor Setar are;

  • Perodua Alza 1.5 (Automatic)

cheap MPV rental in alor setar
  • Hyundai Starex

cheap MPV rental in alor setar

D. 4 Wheel Drive Cars

4 Wheel – Drive cars are all about power to make sure you can take on various terrains. It is suitable for those who want to get their hands on a very powerful car and still be able to drive efficiently and comfortably. The 4WD car provided by Green Matrix Alor Setar is;

  • Toyota Hilux (Manual)

cheap4x4 rental in alor setar

E. Van

To those who want to bring more than their families and still want to be able to experience a smooth and comfortable journey while on the road, then you can get your hands on a van. It can load up to 12 people and you do not have to worry about space as they are very spacious. The van provided by Green Matrix Alor Setar is;

  • Toyota Hiace 2.5 12 Seater Van (Automatic)

cheap van rental in alor setar

The Benefits of Renting With Green Matrix Alor Setar

benefit of having green matrix as car rental provider in alor setar

You will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits if you rent a car with Green Matrix Alor Setar. You will get the best car while being able to enjoy it with affordable prices. Those benefits are;

  • Licensed Company (KPK/LN7944)
  • Nationwide Breakdown Support
  • New & Good Condition Car
  • Book & Pay Online 24/7
  • We Accept Credit Card
  • Free Amendment

Customers’ Review on Green Matrix Alor Setar

customer review on car rental in alor setar

Green Matrix Alor Setar always provide the best service to their customers.

customer review on car rental in alor setar

There are definitely no hidden charges if you rent from Green Matrix Alor Setar!

customer review on car rental in alor setar

You will only get the best service if you rent from Green Matrix Car Rental Service.

customer review on car rental in alor setar

Book Your Car with Green Matrix Alor Setar

You may use the contact details provided below to contact Green Matrix Alor Setar and choose your desired car below;

GREEN MATRIX | CAR RENTAL PROVIDER IN ALOR SETAR Contact: Click to call (+6017-4458847) | Click to Direct WhatsApp Facebook: @keretasewaalorsetargreenmatrixcarrental


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