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5 Reason Why You Need GPS Tracker for Bus


GPS is an acronym known as the Global Positioning System. Almost all smartphones and tablets are equipped with a GPS tracking system. Most apps use it as a navigation system and also for mapping. In also be used for transport information and fleet monitoring.

For those who do business related to bus and transportation, GPS tracking is essential for fleet management. Several factors determine tracking and efficient management fleet. Here are the key factors that ascertain the success of fleet management.


  • Location tracking
  • Driver’s performance
  • Vehicle performance
  • Insurance costs reduction
  • Tracking data backup

While people widely use GPS, business managers use the GPS advantage to track fleet movements and optimise the transport process. The goal is to save money and is to track your fleet. Vehicle tracking systems are commonplace for companies operating with vehicles such as buses, lorries and so on.

5 Reason Why You Need GPS Tracker for Bus

As part of fleet management, GPS tracking helps managers coordinate and facilitate various vehicles and transport activities especially buses. Here are five reasons why you need GPS Tracker For Bus.

1. Track Your Fleet At Any Time


Since GPS tracking systems use satellites that transmit signals on a continuous basis, the information collected is provided directly, regardless of weather. It lets you know the exact position of each bus regardless of time. You can find out whether the bus is moving or not, on the right track or whether the bus has reached the destination.

GPS tracking along with efficient fleet management software allows management to see the overall position of the vehicle while at the same time providing directions to drivers route closer to a destination. GPS trackers are very useful to bus companies who need to keep track of bus activities moving towards destinations.

2. Monitor Driving Speed And Reduce Accident Risk.


Often in the newspaper, bus accidents occur as a result of speeding and dangerous driving. With the GPS tracker for bus, you can easily keep track of the speed of buses moving in your fleet. It ensures bus drivers do not drive too fast and dangerous. GPS can also avoid unoptimized fuel consumption and unwanted oil costs.

Dangerous driving can lead to fatal accidents and summons from the victim’s family. Therefore, vehicle tracking can improve road safety and save you money from such summons. GPS tracking ensures staff driving under the speed and fuel efficiency with efficient driving.

3. Track The Performance Time


For a bus company, bus arrival and departure information are very important to plan schedules. With the GPS tracker for bus, passengers can get accurate information and expect the arrival and departure of buses at the right time.

Implementation of GPS tracking can help the company monitor the bus arrival and departure accurately to provide the best service. It also ensures smooth working. Knowing the driving times of each worker, you can evaluate their efficiency and performance and then reward them appropriately.

4. Avoid Theft


GPS tracker for buses can reduce the cost of insurance by increasing fleet security. Just like the function in the smartphone, GPS tracking allows you to locate the bus location if theft occurs.

Bus companies with large fleets need additional protection against thieves. There are GPS system that can control remotely and notify if GPS tracker is off the specified route.

5. Use Historical Data For Analysis And Reports


You can create reports and analysis on a variety of relevant information such as travel distance, travel time, speed of data collected via GPS tracking.

Depending on the type of GPS tracker for bus, you get access to various forms of information provided. Data gathered are used for planning, driving optimisation, table management and others. You can export data to produce graphs to analyse fleet performance.

Anggun Lufya AF GPS Tracker For Bus


GPS tracker from Anggun Lufya, the AF GPS Tracker For Bus, is one of best GPS tracker for car theft prevention and vehicle protection system available. This tracker is easy to install and can be mounted on a car, bus, lorry or any vehicle.

It works by using existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. You can locate and monitor any bus from your smartphone or PC. It works anywhere in the world. It can also control window, door and control engine to cut off via SMS.

Anggun Lufya AF GPS Tracker For Bus Features

This GPS Tracker for bus can track any bus by mobile phone, computer or website platform. It also monitors movement so you can track its route at the same time over speed, so you know which bus is driving over the speed limit. Using existing networks, you can track your fleet anywhere in Malaysia.


The most important and related feature is it can show current location on Google map with a link on a mobile phone and at the same time get an absolute location with the street name. In the event of theft, this GPS tracker can remotely shut down the engine by SMS. A simple SMS will stop the bike from moving.

This device can also store data locally because it supports Support 2GB MicroSD card.This enables you to store information for you to use later for reports and analysis. It also has Built-in memory capable of storing 16,000 positions. With a built-in 500MAh polymer battery, it can last for a long time before running out of power. It also has a Multi power-saving mode to save power.

Order Angun Lufya AF GPS Tracker For Bus NOW


With Anggun Lufya AF GPS Tracker for bus, you can easily manage your fleet by tracking each of you bus location and monitoring its activity. This tracker also enables you to control the speed of each bus by not going over the speed limit at the same time reduce the risk of accidents happening.

You can also track the performance from the information gathered by the GPS tracking device. Use the information collected from the instrument to create a report and analysis based on historical data for planning, optimise driving and plan an active schedule. For a company with a large fleet, this device can help avoid theft.

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