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10 Reasons Why You Need To Install GPS Tracker For Lorry

GPS Tracker For Lorry is designed for one purpose, which is to save time and money by increasing profits dan performance, improve fleet operations, reduce fuel cost and other ways. Not only that, there are many benefits of using GPS tracker for the lorry. If you run a fleet of lorry, then you want to install a GPS tracker system. Here are ten reasons why you need this device.


10 Reasons Why You Need To Install GPS Tracker For Lorry

1. Increased Profits and Performance


Having access to lorry efficiency and driver productivity helps companies manage costs associated with fleet operations. There is a significant reduction in the cost of overtime and down-time drivers. The cost of maintenance also reduces. At the same time, GPS tracker helps choose an efficient route.

2. Improved Fleet Operations


GPS tracker for lorry allows real-time decisions made directly more efficiently. Management is no longer needed depending on the driver’s log, service form and truck maintenance records to monitor operations. GPS tracker helps get stuff done faster. It is said that 25% of work can be completed quickly after installing GPS tracking device.

3. Reduced Fuel Costs and CO2 Emissions


Poor driving, speeding or letting the lorry engine idle which is wasting oil, which can be identified by the GPS tracker for truck system. Some studies say about 3000 litres of diesel or at the cost of RM6400 per year are wasted only because of idling. Every savings will reduce costs and at the same time, take care of the environment.

4. Efficient Routing & Dispatching Support


GPS technology allows the fleet management to identify truck position for time-sensitive delivery. The management can also determine the fastest and closest route to the destination at the same time providing the best customer service. The GPS fleet technology identifies the overlapping routes and avoids traffic that may cause delay and arrive late at the destination.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs and Vehicle Wear & Tear


Without efficient fleet management system, vehicles are usually maintained at certain intervals no matter what the condition of the vehicle is. The GPS tracker for lorry system allows monitoring of each vehicle and warns when the lorry needs maintenance. This can reduce the cost of maintenance and extend the life of your truck and equipment.

6. Automation of Record Keeping


The GPS tracker for lorry system can save records more efficiently than manual methods. Every data related to fleet operations is recorded and managed with ease. Management can schedule, track service location, routes, electronic record of every milage and driver time etc. The information collected is precious for planning and auditing.

7. Reduced Insurance Costs & Liability


Most insurance companies provide discounts to businesses that use GPS trackers on their vehicles. Verified vehicle data can help protect you from summons. At the same time reduce the liability from accident claims and cost of compensation for workers.

8. Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use


Unauthorized use after work hours can be identified and controlled from data recorded directly through the management system. Avoiding unauthorised use also reduces the cost of petrol.

9. Increased Employee Safety


Automatically collected records can help improve drivers’ efficiency and security. The management can access valuable data about the driver’s characteristics regarding driving, unnecessary idling and other factors that can be identified. The management can reward drivers that drive safely and train drivers that are bad. In the event of an accident, GPS tracker can send the location to the control centre for further action.

10. Better Customer Service


The amount of time spent at each location can be tracked real-time and can be used to verify driver deliveries. Management will be able to re-route drivers at a moment’s notice which will allow you to respond faster to customer inquiries.

Anggun GPS Tracker For Lorry, Best In The Market

AF GPS Tracker For Lorry from Anggun Lufya is one of best GPS tracker for fleet management, theft prevention and vehicle protection system available on the market. It’s easy to install and can be mounted on a car, bus, lorry or any vehicle.


It operates by using existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites which means  It works anywhere in the world. With remote-control ability, window, door and engine can be controlled or cut off via SMS. Its wide range network can locate and monitor any lorry from your smartphone or PC.

Anggun GPS tracker for lorry offers real-time tracking via a website with up to 50 hours standby time. Most GPS tracker service comes with monthly fees but with Anggun GPS there’s no monthly fee, and it comes with 90 days playback history. This feature enables you to create report and analysis by downloading historical data so you can plan and optimise the fleet schedule and maintenance.


Not only that, for security purpose, Anggun GPS tracker is equipped with power cut off an alarm in the event of theft. Your vehicle will be immobilised one the power cut of has been turned on by just sending an SMS.

The AF GPS tracker for lorry has 4 Tracking solutions. You can pinpoint the location of your lorry by sending an SMS. It will then send a link in coordinates on google map with the street address. You can also monitor through Anggun GPS Online website any vehicle equipped with GPS tracker. If your vehicle drives through a GPS blind spot, it will send an alert to the last location recorded.


This device built-in memory capable of storing 16,000 positions and it also supports 2GB MicroSD card which enables you to store information for creating reports and analysis. With a built-in 500MAh polymer battery, it can last up to 50 hours before running out of power equipt with Multi power-saving mode.

Order Angun Lufya AF GPS Tracker For Lorry NOW

With Anggun Lufya AF GPS Tracker for lorry, you can easily manage your fleet by tracking each of you lorry location and monitoring its activity. At the same time, accidents can be reduced by controlling the speed of the bus and not go over the limit.


This GPS gathers information and tracking performance so you can use the information collected from the instrument to create a report and analysis based on historical data for planning, optimise driving and plan an active schedule.

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Jom dapatkan GPS Tracker Untuk Motor Dari Anggun Lufya Empire Sdn Bhd SEKARANG!

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